About India

India, a difference of cultures, a culture of differences

With more than 1,2 billion people, diverse regions and a vibrant democracy, India has been making progress on a scale, size and pace that is unprecedented in its own history. The country is on its way to becoming the world's most populous nation and the Indian people can look forward to greater heights of achievement and prosperity.

Country key facts

    • Population: 1.236.344.631 (July 2014 est.)
    • Median age: 27 years
    • Literacy total population: 71,2 %
    • 108 times the size of Belgium
    • 22 national languages recognized
    • 29 states and 7 union territories
    • Largest democracy in the world

Indian economy

India has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The economic growth for the year 2015 has been projected at 7,5 % by the IMF. The sectors that are driving the Indian growth story are telecommunications, retail, information technology (IT) and infrastructure. The huge middle class of 250 to 300 million and especially the youth are driving the Indian growth story. The Indian software giants have captured the world's attention.

The construction industry is reaching new heights due to the rising demand for apartments, offices and retail space. Organised retailing will be the next big bang. Global retail chains have found their way to India and global luxury brands are already opening outlets in the metros.

Overseas companies are keen on setting up operations in India, ranked the top destination for investment and knowledge.

Key facts

    • 7,5 % GDP growth (2015 projection).
    • Fifth most crucial region in terms of overall strategic importance (New York Stock Exchange Survey).
    • 250+ Fortune 500 companies have made India as a base for R & D.
    • Will have the largest youngest working population in the world in the next few decades with super computing competence. Large pool of world class scientific and technical manpower.
    • Booming entrepreneurial activity.
    • Strong manufacturing base.
    • Service oriented.
    • Middle class of 250 - 300 million potential consumers.
    • Developed banking, legal and accounting system.

Trade of Belgium with India

    • Export Belgium to India year 2014: 8.598 million euro
    • Import Belgium from India year 2014: 4.077 million euro

      Source: National Bank of Belgium