Our services

1. Feasibility studies

  1. Market analysis and forecasting

    • Investigating the existing market
    • Determining if an investment is viable
    • Exploring new markets
    • Mapping out the competition
    • Defining the sales outlets
    • Checking the price point
    • Defining a strategic plan of action
    • Mapping out the approach and different steps
    • Customer profile analysis
    • Knowledge of market directions and initiatives
    • Visit and investigate scope of potential partners

  2. Economic analysis

    • A variety of economic analysis can be carried out for our clients needs
    • Supply / demand equation
    • Economic need and impact
    • Focus on market transition and opportunities

  3. Distribution strategy

    • Situating distribution outlets
    • Organising warehouse and distribution facilities
    • Logistic support
    • Contact with shipping lines and forwarders

2. Quality control and logistics

  • Monitoring and improving the quality of goods during and after production.

  • Developing systems ensuring that products and services are meeting customer requirements.

  • Implementing solutions by accurately defining problems and identifying alternatives.

  • Process view of work to increase efficiency, effectiveness and adaptability.

  • Organizing and follow up of labeling, packing and shipping.

  • Consolidation, booking and follow-up of shipments.

  • Inspection of production units.

3. Product sourcing

  • Sourcing a complete range of products from India

  • We are specialised in textiles, home furnishing, furniture and consumer goods.

  • We can also assist you in the service sector (e.g. business process outsourcing, healthcare, tourism, Ö).

4. Representation services

  • Displaying your products at various exhibitions in India.

  • Representing your product range, services and company all over India (at fairs, buyer's meetings, etc.).

5. Handicrafts

  • Developing a collection of handicrafts.

  • Decorative items.

6. Training (learning and development)